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Take The Mountain Down DVD

TakeTheMountainDownDVDThe DVD, filmed for Television by KBYU-TV in Provo, Utah is a rollicking and thoughtful version of this exciting new show based on the prodigal son (that also includes a prodigal daughter).

Project Summary

Persons responsible for this DVD: Marvin Payne, Steven Kapp Perry (Writers), R. Don Oscarson, Sterling Van Wagenen, BYU Broadcasting (Producers), Eric Samuelsen, Steven E. Lowe (Directors), KBYU Television (Studio), Marvin Payne, Sam Payne, Lacey Williams, Kendra Love, Robby Sorenson, Tricia Story (Actors)
‘Mountain’ is the musical telling of the parable of the prodigal son in the bluegrass music style. What happens when a wayward young woman needs to hear the sweet story of the Prodigal Son, and the only folks who love her enough to tell it are the players in a bluegrass band she once deserted? On an autumn afternoon in Appalachia, the Potluck Social String Band takes a break from their concert in the park and weaves the timeless tale of redemption and forgiveness around their former bandmate with the strings of guitars, banjos, fiddles, bass, and mandolin.

Product Details

  • List Price: $18.99
  • 85 minutes
  • UPC: 887936880780

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