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The Farley Family Reunion • A Comic Play

Posted on Sep 7, 2019 in Latest, New Releases, Plays

by James Arrington The wacky, weird, wonderful, witty, whimsical, one-man show written and performed by James Arrington. Described as “a must see,” and “stunningly hilarious,” this play takes on family culture in a way to “bless yer heart.”   PLAY DETAILS CAST: 1m 1f playing multiple roles of 6 male characters and 9 female characters, or those characters can be played by multiple individual or doubled actors. CHARACTERS: The following roles are played by the Actor [or by a number of actors] (in order of appearance) CHESTER HEBER VIOLA UFFER LEROY MARVA VOLCO PEARL The following roles are played by the Actress [or by a number of actresses] (in order of appearance) ARVILLA GRAMPA GRETCHEN AUNT MINNIE GENEVA FAYREEN VESTA   PERUSAL MATERIALS The PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF format) is available here: FarleyFamilyReunionPERUSAL The video version of the...

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Debbie: Diary of a Mormon Girl — Original Cast Album CD

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Demo CDs & Cast Albums

Book & Lyrics by Heather Young Music by Lex De Azevedo © Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission Long a favorite of those who saw the original touring production, this show delivers big on music and entertainment value, while providing essential ideas and concepts for living a Christ-Centered life.   Approaching her 16th birthday, Debbie is unsettled and unsure – about everything. Adolescence has really gotten her bewildered. She spends all her money on an expensive journal, in the hopes that she can keep track of all the things she wants and hopes for and despairs over. She names it Solomon. She talks to it, and it takes on the personality of a Young Man. Debbie dates. She despairs. Debbie searches for her testimony. She despairs but writes a letter to Boyd K. Packer. She dates and...

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The Plays of Thomas F. Rogers Volume 3: Crises In Faith

Posted on Oct 10, 2016 in Books, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Plays, Short Plays

Thomas F. Rogers is a prominent Playwright, traveler and observer of Humanity. He is also a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mission President in Russia, Drama Ambassador, Professor of Russian, Director of plays, are just a few of his titles, next to Husband and Father. In the seven plays in this volume, “Huebener,” “Fire In The Bones,” “First Trump,” “Reunion,” “Set Apart,” “The Anointed” (a musical theatre play), and “Petunia Passes” (a short play), the worlds of belief, faith, devotion, belonging, yearning to know God, and standing true when those worlds are challenged, make up the heart of Dr. Rogers’ dramas. With this volume, they are available for study and perusal by Professors, Scholars, and Students, Directors, Actors, Directors, Producers and others ready to settle down into a fine drama and experience life...

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Charly – A Love Song — The Musical

Posted on Aug 28, 2015 in Classics, Musicals, Women Playwrights

Book & Lyrics by Heather Young Music and Arrangements by Lex de Azevedo Based on the novel by Jack Weyland © Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission The classic LDS musical is available once more for production by LDS Wards, Stakes and other groups! The blockbuster LDS Novel loved by millions is a hit musical. The story of Charly, hiding her deep secret as a fallen woman, meeting Sam, a returned LDS Missionary, and her conversion, their furious, whirlwind courtship, and their Temple marriage has been a staple of the LDS entertainment scene for decades. This exciting, heartwarming and sobering musical brings the story to life on the stage in a stunning way. PLAY DETAILS: Characters: 3M 3W + ensemble of 12-16 About 2 hours Settings: Several suggested setting Costumes: 1980s or Contemporary Order # 2079 Available...

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A.J.’s Miracle — A Musical

Posted on Jan 29, 2015 in Musicals

by Mark Ogden A Missionary story you will never forget! A.J.’s Miracle is meant to show the human side of missionaries. The show is based on the true incidents of the author as he served his mission. The story begins with a bet: $1000 that AJ cannot fulfill an LDS Mission. The story follows his reluctant progress as he is sent to serve in Mexico. It is said that a mission is the best kept secret in the Church. Unless you go you have no idea what it is really like. The many missions in their varied locations in the world are each totally different. Just as different are the missionaries who serve. The underlying theme of AJ’s Miracle is this: “The Lord can take what most people perceive as the worst and make out of it, the best.”...

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An English Toffee in American Molars — Comic One Act

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 in Latest, New Releases, Short Plays

by Mark Stoddard Mike has served a successful mission for the Church in England. He is home, now, and re-acquainting himself with his long-time girlfriend, Kira. So what happens when a convert from Mike’s mission days, Corliss,  arrives at the Salt Lake City airport and expects to spend some time with Mike? How does Mort, Mike’s best friend and former Mission companion, feel about getting involved as their former convert’s “Chaperone” for her stay in Utah? Did we say ‘stay?’ Corliss has different plans for Mike, but she hasn’t told him, yet. This is a crazy mixed-up look at LDS life and a very funny comedy. When it premiered at the Mormon Festival of the Arts at BYU it received raves and ovations.   PLAY DETAILS: 2M 2F 4 Scenes, One Act About 30 minutes Order # 2065 Now...

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Saturday’s Warrior — the Classic LDS Musical

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 in Classics, Musicals

Book and Lyrics by Doug Stewart Music by Lex de Azevedo While God’s kingdom has been established on the earth in times past … This time is different. The prophetic promise is that this time God’s kingdom will not be lost but will overcome the world. The final restoration of God’s kingdom has commenced with unprecedented power and is being sustained by that same spiritual power and something more … Reserved to come forth in these last days and labor for our Father and His Son are some of the most valiant and noble of our Father’s sons and daughters. …you are these valiant and noble souls of our Father! You are the strength of the Lord’s house, His warriors! And because of your personal history, you were entrusted to come to the earth in these last days to...

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Star Child — The Musical Companion to Saturday’s Warrior

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 in Musicals, Women Playwrights

Book and Lyrics by Doug Stewart Music by Gaye Beeson Elders Kestler and Greene are back! Like Saturday’s Warrior, Star Child begins in the pre-existence, where Larry learns he is to be born to a non-member in a foreign land. His best friend, Chuck, promises to find him and bring him the gospel. He also pledges to find and marry his sweetheart, Marie, so young Michael and Sarah can have the parents they’ve always dreamed of. The shy and nervous Mitzi worries that “with a body covering up her sweet spirit,” she will never find love in mortality, while the indomitable Betty Lou is determined to catch her man. And waiting on earth, to stir everything up, is that loveable duo, Elders Kestler and Green. Star Child deals with making hard moral choices, and being true to the “Star...

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Latter-day Ruth — The Musical

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 in Musicals, New Releases, Old Testament Stories

Book and Lyrics by Doug Stewart Music by Steve Amundsen The Biblical story of Ruth has long held important and essential principles for the conduct of men and women as Believers in Christ. Doug and Steve have transposed this classic story to the modern day where Ruth stands at the center of a loving family. The parallels are uncannily drawn between the era of Ruth in the Bible and her modern day counterpart. It is an inspirational journey for cast and audience as Ruth and Beau and family find their way together.   PLAY DETAILS: 3M 3W 1TB 1TG 2B 1G + 4 dancers (2M 2F) Order # 2061 About 2 hours Available to all producing groups PERUSAL MATERIALS The PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF format) is available here Latter-dayRuthPERUSAL2018.  It contains Act One of this 2-act musical. Purchase...

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Wedlocked — A Marriage Musical

Posted on Apr 15, 2014 in Musicals

by Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry (For production by Professionals, Community Theatres, College-University Theatres.) The musical story of one couple’s daring escape! Val and Elizabeth Utley are a Seattle couple best described as “typical.” Elizabeth, through whose eyes most of the story is told, is a harried and overworked housewife who feels ignored by her husband, who, despite being an accountant, mainly wants to have fun and avoid serious issues. In an attempt to “start over,” Elizabeth drags Val back to Salina, Utah, where they spent their honeymoon. Val, being impossibly thick-headed, hasn’t the first clue that Elizabeth is trying to put the spark back in their marriage, or that sparks are even missing. Eventually, everything comes to a head, and the problems are dealt with in a fashion where not everything is resolved, but enough to realize...

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Dial Tones — A Play

Posted on Jul 18, 2013 in Plays

A Romance by J. Scott Bronson (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS & Other Church Groups) A humorous tale of a very unique love triangle. Two people making separate telephone calls, are accidentally connected to each other by the playful character named Telephone — an artificial intelligence. As their relationship develops and enlarges and becomes, well, love, the play shows us what love is and what it means to be a human being. Contains mild adult expletives. PLAY DETAILS: 2M 2W 1either 80-90 minutes Simple setting ORDER #3062 Available for ALL producing groups. PRODUCTION MATERIALS AVAILABLE Script in PDF format  — Order #3062a : $25.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production) First Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3062d : $65 Second Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3062e : $55 Professional...

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