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All The Scattered Leaves — a play

Posted on Jan 14, 2018 in Award Winners, Latest, New Releases, Plays, Women Playwrights

by Doreen Crookell   It is the Mid-Victorian era in England and the Mormon Church has made a name for itself throughout many parts of the land. Thousands of souls have been converted and have left for Salt Lake City, some never to be heard from again. The general feeling in many of the towns and villages is one of distrust and even fear of the “Mormons”. At the sight of the Missionaries, the women run inside and bolt the doors for fear of being abducted and imprisoned behind the walls of Salt Lake City. But the Mormon Elders continue to proselyte. Thus has the Maitland family’s life been disrupted and changed. Their eldest daughter, Rose, joined the Church the year previous and went to Zion. No word has yet been heard from her. As the play starts the...

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Once I Lived In Cottonwood — A Musical

Posted on May 12, 2017 in Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Women Playwrights

Book and Lyrics by John D. Rather and Susan Rather Music by Lynn G. Burton Available for Wards, and Stakes and Community Groups or Professionals Shortly after the first company of pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, Brigham Young began calling the new arrivals to settle towns throughout the West. Given a choice, most of them would have stayed in the Salt Lake Valley. Harder yet, after having started a home in the valley, was being called to start over again away from Salt Lake. Perhaps the hardest of all was being called to Dixie in Southern Utah. Cottonwood is about one family’s feelings when being asked to leave their home in Cottonwood and go south to Washington County. In a more general sense it is a story about people who, because of their allegiance to...

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Let There Be Love — The Story of Joseph and Emma

Posted on Apr 12, 2017 in Coming Soon, Premiere Musicals

Book and Lyrics by Thom Duncan Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry   This musical chronicles the love story of Joseph Smith and his wife, Emma Hale Smith. Set against the backdrop of hatred and persecution, in an America that was supposed to have freedom of choice as far as religion was concerned, Joseph and Emma struggle, along with the other Saints, to establish a foothold, both personally and publicly, in love and in Faith. The face opposition from without, but the worst of their oppressors are within the Church.   PLAY DETAILS: Characters: 11M 2TeenB, 5W + ensemble of 12-16 About 2:00 Settings: Several suggested settings. Some action occurs in places around Nauvoo of 1844, and in other places prior to that, through memory. Costumes: period 1800s Order # 2081 Available for performance to all groups! PERUSAL...

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The Plays of Thomas F. Rogers Volume 3: Crises In Faith

Posted on Oct 10, 2016 in Books, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Plays, Short Plays

Thomas F. Rogers is a prominent Playwright, traveler and observer of Humanity. He is also a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mission President in Russia, Drama Ambassador, Professor of Russian, Director of plays, are just a few of his titles, next to Husband and Father. In the seven plays in this volume, “Huebener,” “Fire In The Bones,” “First Trump,” “Reunion,” “Set Apart,” “The Anointed” (a musical theatre play), and “Petunia Passes” (a short play), the worlds of belief, faith, devotion, belonging, yearning to know God, and standing true when those worlds are challenged, make up the heart of Dr. Rogers’ dramas. With this volume, they are available for study and perusal by Professors, Scholars, and Students, Directors, Actors, Directors, Producers and others ready to settle down into a fine drama and experience life...

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The Order Is Love — Classic LDS Musical

Posted on Aug 4, 2015 in Classics, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Women Playwrights

Book & Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson Music by Lex de Azevedo © Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission The classic LDS musical is available once more for production by LDS Wards, Stakes and other groups! The tale of Orderville, Utah—1875-1885—where over 700 Saints lived and worked and played and prayed together in the United Order, a version of the Law of Consecration, seeking Zion, learning tolerance and patience, expanding “love” towards “charity.”  We see our own foibles and failings in those of the residents of Orderville as they learn the hard lessons of sharing, giving, getting along, and wondering how can I love my neighbor even when I can’t even stand him and after all I work harder than he does and my skilled work is worth more than his lowly weed-pulling.  And oh, it’s about...

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The Red Plush Parlor — A Gentle Musical

Posted on Jun 14, 2015 in Classics, Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Women Playwrights

Book and Lyrics by Christie Lund Coles Music by Larry Bastian A righteous man who already has six wives has found another lamb to bring into his protective fold. But there is one big problem: his oldest son has fallen in love with this very same young lady. A fun and funny musical comedy. PLAY DETAILS: Characters: 2M 7W 3Teenboys 2Teengirls 1girl + ensemble, if desired About 90 minutes Settings: 3 interiors Order # 2074 Available for all groups. PERUSAL MATERIALS The PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF format) is available here: RedPlushParlorPERUSAL ACT ONE #1 — Overture — Orchestra Scene 1 — The Sitting Room of the KNUDSEN home in Salt Lake City. #2 — The Wives’ Song — Wives and Dancers #3 — Goodness Knows — Annie and Wives #4 — Scene Change Music — Orchestra Scene 2 — Upstairs sitting area,...

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The Forge and the Fire — DEMO CD

Posted on May 8, 2015 in Demo CDs & Cast Albums

by Max C. Golightly, Frank White, James Roehr and Brad Barnards, Betty Hammond, Larkin LeSuer, Neil K. Newell & C. Michael Perry, William W. Walford and William B. Bradbury, Arranged by Lois Johnson. A series of LDS vignettes and songs that testify to the divinity of Christ and his restored Gospel. Powerful serious and hilarious comic playlets are interspersed with a hilarious pair of dutiful missionaries who keep “Knockin’ On Doors” Simple sets and costumes  make this show easy and inexpensive to stage on a Ward or Stake basis. This show is a must for LDS producers. PRODUCT DETAILS 31 minutes 17 tracks Zion Theatricals List Price: $4.00 Now Available SONG LIST The Forge and the Fire Knockin’ On Doors Sweet Hour of Prayer There Is No Death Homely Girls (Part 1) Homely Girls (Part 2) Homely Girls (Part...

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The Ballad of Parley P! — A Musical

Posted on Nov 8, 2014 in Latest, Musicals, New Releases, Premiere Musicals

Book and Lyrics by Thom Duncan Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry Additional Lyrics based on the poetry of Parley P. Pratt The Life and Times of Parley P. Pratt (Performable by LDS Wards, Stakes, Educational, Professional and Community Groups)   A traveling company of actors in the late 1800s has been traveling the state of Utah from Ogden to St. George. Along the way they heard the story of an amazing man who traveled the world as a Missionary, wrote over 50 hymns, and wrote the very first missionary tract. After conversion, all his adventures, missions, imprisonments, escapes, 12 wives and being a witness to the Guards at Richmond Jail suffering the rebuke by the Prophet Joseph, Parley P. Pratt dies as a martyr to the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bearing his testimony, as...

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Six Sent South — A Musical

Posted on Aug 22, 2014 in Musicals

by R. Don Oscarson Music by Kenneth Perry (For production by LDS Wards, Stakes and Community groups.) The place is Utah after the Civil War. The Church is expanding and Brigham Young is calling individuals and families to colonize out-lying areas in Nevada, Southern Utah, Arizona, California, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. The fictional Brown family is called to serve such a mission and their reaction to what they come to understand as their duty makes up the story of this musical. This slice of life in post-Civil War Utah, mixed with young love in full bloom, is both funny and touching. PLAY DETAILS: 2M 2W 2TB 2TG 2G + ensemble of mostly young people with a few adults. About One Hour 2 exteriors, 1 interior Piano Accompaniment only Order # 2067 Available for all LDS Groups. PERUSAL MATERIALS The...

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The Trail of Dreams — The Musical Classic

Posted on Jan 2, 2014 in Classics, Musicals

by James Arrington, Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry   (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools,  ALL Church Groups, Youth Theatres) Some of us have the notion that the Mormon pioneers saw the world in bold strokes of black and white, while moderns squint through myriad shades of gray. In writing this play the authors found that the pioneers reflected a rainbow of passions, fears, dares and enormous presumptions. This is not the story of one family, or even one company. This is the story of all of the “Saints” brought across the plains by one man John Brown. It is through his memory, and the actual journals of the traveling pioneers, that this vibrant musical comes to life. There are bright moments of hope and moments of dreary tragedy punctuated by a fantastic...

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Charlie’s Monument — The Musical

Posted on Jul 13, 2013 in Classics, Musicals, Women Playwrights

Book by Susan McCloud and Marvin Payne Lyrics by Marvin Payne Music by K. Newell Dayley based on the popular, best-selling novel by Blaine M. Yorgason (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS & Other Church Groups) It is the frontier! It is 1890. He has only one arm and a twisted foot. He stands on the mountain bravely watching over the town that cast him out — piling stones in some frail hope that he’ll be remembered. Then he is loved by one who sees and mirrors the bright spirit inside him. He is fulfilled, awakened, renewed. But then he is wounded, called to be tried and when all but love is stripped away, he is triumphant. Charlie is the tender, crippled man ostracized by his fellow citizens and it is Nellie’s love and faith...

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Move On! — A Play with Music

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 in Musicals, Women Playwrights

a play with songs by Carol Lynn Pearson. (For production by  College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS Church Groups, Youth Groups) Available again after many years! This is the compilation of journal entries and diary accounts of the Saints crossing of the plains to found their new home in the Zion of the Rocky Mountains. Through stirring true to life scenes and monologues, folk songs and hymns of the era, the Saint’s journey comes vividly to life. Title song composed by Marvin Payne, along with all the other songs can be played by the cast on Guitars and other pioneer instruments. PLAY DETAILS: 7M 7F (Can be condensed or expanded) Unit Set About 90 mins Order #2037 Available for all producing groups PERUSAL MATERIALS A PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF form) is available. (It contains half of the play.) MoveOnPERUSAL...

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Martyr In Waiting — A Short Play

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 in Latest, Short Plays, Women Playwrights

by Carol Lynn Pearson (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS & Other Church Groups, Youth Groups) A group of young Mormon actors are putting on a play about the hardships of the early Saints. They are idealistically ready to follow those footsteps and are even envious of the early Saints’ opportunities to sacrifice. However, when they are called upon to make real sacrifices in the modern world they are not up to it. PLAY DETAILS: 2M 3W Open Stage Setting 20-25 minutes ORDER # 2038 Available to ALL producing groups. PERUSAL MATERIALS The Perusal pages PDF file is available MartyrInWaitingPERUSAL (It contains the first half of the script.) REHEARSAL MATERIALS AVAILABLE Script in PDF format — Order #2038a : $15.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production) First Performance Ward/Stake/Amateur/Educational Royalty —...

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Preposterous Parley P! — A One Man Show

Posted on May 21, 2013 in One-Person Show, Plays

a One-man show by Thom Duncan. (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS Church Groups) The life and times of Parley P. Pratt from his conversion to his discipleship with Joseph and the Church. Funny and compelling. PLAY DETAILS: 8 Characters can all be played by One Actor, or they can be cast as follows: 6M 1W 1B About 90 minutes Order # 2014. Available for ALL producing groups. PERUSAL MATERIALS Perusal Pages File Available ParleyPrattPERUSAL. The PDF file contains the first act of the two act script. REHEARSAL MATERIALS AVAILABLE Script in PDF format — Order #2014a : $25.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production) First Performance Ward/Stake/Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2014d : $65 Second Performance Ward/Stake/Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2014e : $55 Professional Royalties will be quoted upon application...

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Fire In The Bones — A Play

Posted on May 1, 2013 in Plays

a tragedy by Thomas F. Rogers (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS Church Groups) This first ever literary treatment of the Mountain Meadows Massacre brings to light the complex and tragic circumstances that underlie the catastrophe that in 1857 cast a shadow on the Latter-day Saints.  Even today some church members fear to know the particulars, while agenda driven detractors only add to the general suspicion. Faithful to Juanita Brooks’ thorough and accurate scholarship, FIRE IN THE BONES completely exonerate Brigham Young as the massacre’s instigator, while still suggesting the tragic dilemma into which well-meaning persons, like John D. Lee, are sometimes thrust and the sacrifices that a community, right or wrong, may require of them.The play is a study in tainted conscience and mob psychology, of people’s paranoia in the wake of an anticipated...

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A High and Glorious Place — A One Woman Play

Posted on May 1, 2013 in One-Person Show, Plays, Women Playwrights

by Elizabeth Hansen. (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS  Church Groups) Eliza R. Snow is one of the few Mormon women who has become a heroine. It is February 11 of 1846 and the town of Nauvoo is bustling as the Saints make ready to leave for Winter Quarters. As Eliza packs, she finds herself doubting her decision to go west. During the night, as she contemplates her life and faith, she comes to understand God’s purpose for her, which ultimately propels her into her role as the great and inspiring woman who figured so importantly in the early days of the Church. Often called “Zion’s Poetess” by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Eliza was an imperfect, yet obedient, daughter of God. One actress tells us the story of this incredible woman’s Faith. Perhaps by experiencing...

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Jedediah! — A Musical

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Musicals

Book, Music and Lyrics by James G. Lambert and C. Michael Perry (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, LDS & Other Church Groups, Youth Theatres) A musical drama, biographical in nature, yet full of life, romance, beautiful music, energetic dances, with problems and solutions unique to Latter-Day-Saint culture of the period between 1830 and 1848. It is the story of Jedediah Grant as told by his namesake, Jedediah Smith. This story is basically true and generally historically accurate, certain events have been telescoped in the interest of dramatic license. The characters of Salina Wells, the Westbridges, (William Blodgett and the Weems’ in the full version) are composites of several people of the era. All the other characters herein were real people and the events portrayed actually happened. Some license was taken with ages and...

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Wisdom Tree — A Musical

Posted on Mar 13, 2013 in Banner, Musicals, Women Playwrights

Wisdom Tree – A Pioneer Musical by Max C. Golightly & Yutonna Kerbs (For production by  College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, LDS & Other Church Groups, Youth Theatres) A beautiful pioneer show with a cast of Native Americans and European Americans A gentle and at the same time dynamic story of White Settlers contracted by the US Government to settle near a Ute Indian Reservation in Southern Utah in 1852. As the two groups learn to work and live together there are trials and almost even disaster. But the young people of the two cultures find a way to bring about peace in what could have been a troubled world. The wisdom in the story comes from the Native American tradition of the wise old tree, and supplication to the spirit of that tree, as well as to...

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Where Freedom Stands — The Heritage of the American Family

Posted on Mar 13, 2013 in Musicals

The Heritage of the American Family Book by James G. Lambert Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry & James G. Lambert (For production by Community Groups, LDS & Other Church Groups) This is the epic story of the people of Utah and the Heritage they share. Two families serve to represent the families of the State. The Clarke family members are Mormon converts who brought civilization West with them as they were driven from place to place. The Lee Family, who are non-Mormons, brought with them in their move West the industrial revolution — and in the process — prosperity as well. Though both families settled in Utah County, each family plays an important part in everyone’s heritage. Originally conceived for “America’s Freedom Festival at Provo” the theme is universal and the characters can be empathized with by...

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