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Gadianton — A Play

Posted on Jan 27, 2014 in Award Winners, Plays

a play by Eric Samuelsen What makes our acts moral? Is any practice “just business”? Can Book of Mormon lessons speak to us in our high-tech world? In contexts as diverse as nuclear testing, corporate mergers, and Mormon family life, Gadianton powerfully reminds us that every decision is personal and eternal. WINNER of the Association for Mormon Letters award for Drama in 1997. PLAY DETAILS: 7M 4F About 2 hours ORDER #2024 Available for ALL producing groups. PERUSAL MATERIALS The Perusal Pages File (in PDF format) can be read by clicking GadiantonPERUSAL It contains the first half of the script. Or you can read the entire play in the new Anthology: Saints On Stage (Available from Zarahemla Books) PRODUCTION MATERIALS AVAILABLE: Script in PDF format  — Order #2024a : $25.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your...

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The Way We’re Wired — A Play

Posted on Jun 7, 2013 in Award Winners, Classics, Plays

by Eric Samuelsen (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS & Other Church Groups) Pull out a microscope, put any LDS singles-over-30 group on the glass slide, and take a peek. You will most likely find the same characters there as you do in this production. At first glance they may look like a bunch of misfits chumming together, but then you realize you know them and, in fact, could be one of them. “The Way We’re Wired” presents a painfully funny view on the varieties of LDS singles and how they function — almost as a counter-culture. As is stated early in the show, “to be an LDS single over 30, you’ve either never married, you’re widowed or divorced. In other words, you’re a loser, a pity-case, or a failure. Wired is very much a...

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Eric Samuelsen

Posted on May 31, 2013 in Authors

Eric Samuelsen taught at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio before joining the faculty at Brigham Young University in 1992. He became head of the Playwriting program at BYU in 1999. He has also taught as an adjunct faculty member in the Religion department. He retired from BYU in 2012. As a playwright, Samuelsen has had twenty-seven plays professionally produced in Utah, Indiana, Louisiana, New York, and California. Some of his plays include Gadianton, which has seen three professional productions across the country, A Love Affair with Electrons, Family, The Plan,’ and The Way We’re Wired.  He is resident playwright at Plan B Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, who has designated their 2013-14 season a ‘Season of Eric, including productions of six plays. He is a member of the Playwrights’ Circle, and the Dramatists Guild. He is three-time...

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Stones — A Play

Posted on May 21, 2013 in Award Winners, Classics, New Testament Stories, Old Testament Stories, Plays

by J. Scott Bronson ALTARS — 2M1W. Open Setting TOMBS — 2M 1W. Open Setting. Time for each: Just under an hour. (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, LDS Church Groups, Youth Theatres) STONES is the recipient of the 2001 Award for Drama from the Association for Mormon Letters. “STONES is a perfect example of the three keys to playwrighting: Story, Character, Dialogue. Both acts thousands of years apart in real time, appear outwardly to tell two different stories. But the similarities in the themes of faith and family reach across the years to bind the play into one coherent story that is relevant today and will always be as long as humans walk the Earth.” ALTARS is the story of Abraham, Isaac and Sarai. TOMBS is the story of Mary, Jesus and Joseph....

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J. Scott Bronson

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Authors

J. Scott Bronson is a middle-aged man from San Diego with one wife, five children, a cat and a dog.  He studied theatre at Albert Einstein Jr. High School, James Madison Sr. High School, San Diego Mesa Jr. College, and BYU.  He has written a dozen plays or so including a couple of Mayhew Award winners and the Association For Mormon Letters’ 2001 best drama, Stones.  He is a published playwright, and fiction writer, a stage director who has served on the boards of two theatre companies in Utah County, one of which he co-founded and for which he was the Artistic Director.  He has acted in scores of stage, television and film productions.  He is a cancer survivor and a  couch-potato.  He likes Jazz, Blues, Classical and Rock-and-Roll music.  He loves Big Macs, pizza and Cap’n Crunch and...

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Huebener — The Classic LDS Play

Posted on May 1, 2013 in Award Winners, Classics, D and C and Church History Stories, Plays

by Thomas F. Rogers (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, LDS & Other Church Groups, Youth Theatres) During World War II, while aware of the risk to his life, the fearless young German Latter-day Saint Helmuth Huebener persisted in launching a campaign against Hitler’s propaganda machine. In this play we witness the tragic story of Mormonism’s arguably greatest twentieth-century martyr. The English translation is not the only version we license. We have translations in Finnish, Russian and German. (see below) PLAY DETAILS: About 2 hours 10M 2W plus ensemble of small roles Unit Set Order # 2010 Available for ALL producing groups. REVIEWS “If one is allowed only a few peak experiences in life, one for me was watching the text emerge of Thomas Rogers’ play Huebener. The work is a product of our...

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Thomas F. Rogers

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Authors

A former director of the BYU Honors Program, Thomas F. Rogers is professor emeritus of Russian language and literature at Brigham Young University and the author of more than a score of plays, many on Mormon subjects.  Four of these have been published in God’s Fools (Signature Books, 1983), which also received the Association of Mormon Letters Drama Prize that same year: HUEBENER (the first literary treatment of its subject), FIRE IN THE BONES (again, the first literary treatment of its subject, the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre), GOD’S FOOLS (or JOURNEY TO GOLGOTHA) and REUNION. Other titles include: The SECOND PRIEST, The ANOINTED (an Old Testament narrative with music by C. Michael Perry) and The SEAGULL (translated and adapted from the Chekov play).  In 1992, GENTLE BARBARIAN, FRERE LAWRENCE and CHARADES were published in a second anthology entitled ‘Huebener’...

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