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Theatrical Publisher and Theatrical Rights Licensing of Plays and Musicals for and about Latter-day Saints

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Plays listed alphabetically by title with links to pages

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  • Family  by Eric Samuelsen
  • The Farley Family Reunion by James Arrington (COMING SOON)
  • Farley Two: The Next Gyration by James Arrington (COMING SOON)
  • The Farley Family Christmas By James Arrington (COMING SOON)
  • A Fire In The Bones  by Thomas F. Rogers
  • First Trump! by Thomas F. Rogers

  • Letter From A Prophet  by Eric Samuelsen & Charles Metten (COMING SOON)

  • Three Women (3 Short Plays) by Eric Samuelsen (COMING SOON)
  • Tumuaki! Matthew Cowley of the Pacific by James Arrington (COMING SOON)

  • Voice of the Lion by Thom Duncan (COMING SOON)


Short Plays with links to the pages