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Theatrical Publisher and Theatrical Rights Licensing of Plays and Musicals for and about Latter-day Saints

Max C. Golightly

GolightlyMax Golightly — is a retired Professor of Playwrighting at Brigham Young University. Max has taught High School and College drama for the last forty years. He is nationally recognized as an award winning poet and has served as President of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc. His plays have been produced all over the western states, and in various other parts of the country. He is a director of considerable reputation in college and community theatre productions. His one-act play “A LITTLE MATTER OF WE” has won awards in national contests. In addition to KEWPIE (now titled ROSE) and “WE” other published plays include PINOCCHIO, THE FORGE AND THE FIRE, TURN THE GAS BACK ON, THE TOKEN, FAUNTLEROY!, A NIGHT ON NEEDLEPOINT and LISTEN TO THE SNOW.




Turn The Gas Back On!

Wisdom Tree

The Forge and the Fire