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Mark Stoddard

StoddardMarkMark Stoddard’s first taste of theater came in a co-starring role at the Rudolph Steiner Theatre in London’s West End. He’s quick to point out it wasn’t much of a production, but it gave him a feel for theater life and wished to studiously avoid it. But, like the name of the production, Not to Be, Stoddard’s end of theater magic was premature. He went to Brigham Young University for a BA in English and History, and Master’s work in English and Theater Arts. He wrote a one-act comedy, “An English Toffee in American Molars” which was selected for production at the BYU Mormon Festival of Arts.
But he left a potential university teaching career and become a General Contractor in California with his father and brothers. During this time he was asked by Michael Girlikhes, creator of Disney on Parade and the Polynesian Cultural Center production, to be his stage manager of the 10 stages of the Los Angeles Street Scene Festival.
Mark went on to a career in business and marketing. He’s written 17 books on starting businesses, marketing and advertising. One book was translated into Russian and Mark was invited by the deputy minister of Higher Education to come to the USSR to teach Soviet government groups the fundamentals of the free market. Mark was the first foreigner to address the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine and BeloRusse, and consulted with Pres. Boris Yeltsin’s cabinet.
As a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, he has served in numerous bishoprics, high councils, Sunday Schools, Primaries and as a full-time missionary in Australia.
He is currently a managing partner in a technology commercialization firm when he’s not writing more plays, music and books.




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