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The Trail of Dreams

Posted by on 1-2-14

Charlie’s Monument

Posted by on 7-13-13

City Of Joseph

Posted by on 7-13-13

The Brothers

Posted by on 7-6-13

The Dance

Posted by on 6-24-13

Papa Married A Mormon

Posted by on 6-21-13

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Zion Theatricals publishes plays and musicals especially for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have hard-hitting, issue-oriented plays for Professionals, Universities and Community Groups. We also have plays and musicals based on Scripture, Church History and Contemporary issues for Professional, Educational, Amateur, and LDS Church Theatre Groups. You will find something in our catalog that interests you. The purpose behind this company is enlightenment through entertainment. We are a member of LDS Booksellers Association (LDSBA). Website and all contents © 2011-2014 by Zion Theatricals. YOUR USE OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF USE. Which can be found on the Information Pages, linked above)

Author Spotlight

Doug Stewart

Posted by on 4-10-14

Carol Laycock

Posted by on 2-11-14

Wayne Burton

Posted by on 2-11-14

Ralph G. Rodgers, Jr.

Posted by on 1-7-14

James Arrington

Posted by on 1-3-14

Pat Davis

Posted by on 9-12-13

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